Carsonville Fire Department

Carsonville Fire Department receives “Firefighters of the year ” award
– Congratulations to a great group of community volunteers!

Fire Bays get Face lift

Sanilac Sheriff’s  Work Crew  have given the Fire Bays a new look. At the request and through the efforts of Former Chief Gageby arrangements were made to paint the interior or the Fire Bays. This is the first painting since the buildings construction. The Cheif is also engaged in a thorough cleaning and update of Fire Hall areas. Thank you Sanilac Sheriff Work Crew and Chief Gageby. Matt Ganley also helped the Chief prepare for the new painting. A JOB WELL DONE!

Carsonville Area Fire Department

Found this old picture of a Carsonville Fire Truck. Can anyone give us more information about this truck? Just call the office or email using the contact form on home page. Thanks Lowell Driver has this truck and is restoring it to it’s old self. The council transfer it to him back in the early 2000’s.

The Carsonville Area Fire Department is a cooperate governmental service. Managed and directed by the Village of Carsonville the fire department is funded through the cooperative financing of the Village of Carsonville, Bridgehampton Township,Washington township, and Sanilac Township. The department is composed of volunteer members. The current Chief is Don Rickett III.

In case of emergency call 911.

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works  has the assignment of keeping the Village is operating order. It is the operator of our water system, our sanitary sewer system, our storm sewers, our streets, our public buildings, our parks and public green areas.

This is the department you would call if –
1. You had a water leak.
2. A tree fall in the road way near your home.
3. A street light was out.    

DPW employees Bob Kress and Joe Gurzick can be reached during normal work hours call the office, 810-657-9400 and press option #3.


We do not set the rules, regulations or schedule for refuse pick-up. The guidelines are set by EMTERRA 810-667-4885 or email: [email protected].


You may not dispose of tires, refrigerators, batteries, paints and hazardous materials with your refuse pick up. If you have these items again you need to call EMTERRA to find out where and how you can dispose of these types of items.

The Village does conduct a Spring and sometimes a fall CLEAN-UP. During these clean ups we work along with EMTERRA to pick up large items. However, you need to still contact EMTERRA if you are going to put large items out. On a weekly and sometimes daily basis the DPW will pick up compost items, weeds, lawn bags, bundle branches and take them to the Village Farm. If you have a large amount of compost items please contact Bob Kress at (810) 657-9400, so he can plan ahead.