Water Quality Reports

Water & Utility Billing Info

Water rates

Residential in Village
    O&M&R         73.00 quarterly    24.33 monthly
    Captal debt    83.30                      27.77
Residential out of Village
    O&M&R        113.95 quarterly    37.98 monthly
    Capital debt  121.15                      40.39
    O&M&R        76.15 quarterly       25,38
    Capital debt  86.45                        28.82
    O&M&R        73.00 quarterly    24.33 monthly
    Capital debt  83.30                      27.77
    O&M&R        388.00 quarterly    129.33 monthly
    Capital debt  429.80                     143.27
Multi-dwelling 3 or more units (per unit)
    O&M&R        41.50 quarterly    13.83 monthly
    Capital debt  86.45                      28.82
Capital charges are paid by all users whether service is turned on or off.

Annual Fee Resolution 2023 download files below

Sewer and refuse

Residential in Village
    Sewer            35.70 quarterly    11.90 monthly
    Refuse            48.40                     16.15
    Sewer             38.85 quarterly    12.95 monthly
    Refuse – not provided
    Sewer            35.70 quarterly        11.90 monthly
    Refuse – not provided
    Sewer            766.50 quarterly      255.50 monthly
    Refuse – not provided
Multi-dwelling 3 or more (per unit)
    Sewer        35.70 quarterly         11.90 monthly
    Refuse – not provided

All bills are payable within 30 days with no late charge, if not paid in that 30 day period a late fee is charged. If bill is not paid by the end of the next 15 day period water service is turned off.  Unpaid bills are turned over to collection agency after the grace period ends. A charge of $100 for turn off and another charge of $100 for turn on is levied on all unpaid quarterly bills.
Capital charges are for the infrastructure debt and are charged to all users whether they have the water service turned on or off. This is a commitment made for the service improvements and is owed by all property owners with water connections.

Pavilion or Chamber Rental   $50.00 deposit if left per agreement refund $30.00
Zoning Compliance Permits that require inspection              4.01.0              $ 50.00
Site Approval Permit                                                                      4.01.02           $ 50.00
Zoning Amendment                                                                      10.00.04          $600.00
Variances                                                                                           7.04.02           $600.00
Appeal Fee                                                                                         7.04.02           $600.00
Special Land Use Permit                                                                8.01.01(A)      $600.00
Land Split                                                                                         Ord.01-02       $600.00
Weed Removal                                                                                   Ord.  62         $200.00
Bad Checks                                                                                                                     $ 75.00
Chicken Ord.Fee                                                               initial $50.00 –  renewal $40.00
Ord. 1.04.01  Regular Council Compensation President $85.00 and Trustee’s $75.00 per meeting.
President & Fire Chief’s monthly stipend. $100.00.
Ord. 1.04.02  Special Council Compensation President  and Trustee’s 75.00 per meeting.
Public Hearings compensation President and Trustee’s $75.00 per meeting.
Finance committee compensation $10.00 per hour.
Ord. 1.04.03  Treasurer’s Compensation  $10,000.40 per year, paid over 52 weeks
Ord. 1.04.04  Clerk’s Compensation  $13,000.28 per year, paid over 52 weeks
Ordinance 6.06.00  Civil Violation  (Infractions) Schedules

Offense Grade1st2nd3rd4th

Ordinance 5.02.27  Pawnbroker License Fee $500.00.
Ordinance 5.03.04  Resale, 2nd & Junk Dealers License Fee $25.00
Ordinance 17.06.02 B  Rental Inspection Fee $100.00

Water & Sewer Tap in Fee’s
TotalSewer 2/3Water 1/4
3/4 inch pipe$1600.00$1066.00$534.00
1 inch pipe$2500.00$1650.00$850.00
1 1/2 inch pipe$4500.00$3000.00$1500.00
2 inch pipe$6700.00$4422.00$2278.00
Residential in Village
Capital Debt$83.30$27.77
Residential out of Village
Capital Debt$121.15$40.39
Capital Debt$86.45$28.82
Capital Debt$83.30$27.77
Capital Debt$429.80$143.27
Multi-Dwelling 3 or more per unit
Capital Debt$86.45$28.82
Fire Ordinance Fees
Fire run response –Village and Township1,600.00 fee
Administrative fee for all fire runs50.00 fee
Fire ordinance fees Hazardous Materials Fire run response –Village and Township1,500.00 Initial base fee
Pumper after first hour200.00 Per hour
Additional vehicle after first hour150.00 Per hour
Each firefighter after first hour10.00 Per hour
Stand by fee for Utility600.00 First hour
300.00 Each Additional Hour

  S.H.   2014-01 amended

Local Ordinances

Complaint Form

If you have a complaint in regards to Zoning or General Village Ordinances please download the form below. You may also contact the Zoning/Ordinance officer Diana Lenk at 810-404-8691 with your name and mailing address and a form will be sent to you. You can pick up a form at the Clerk’s Office from The DPW supervisor as a third alternative. Please read the Policy and Procedure below to understand how your complaint will addressed. Thank you – the Village of Carsonville.

Policy and Procedure
Ordinance Complaint Form Explanation – Village of Carsonville
  1. The PURPOSE of the Ordinance Complaint Form is to properly record and track complaints of violations against the duly adopted Zoning & General Ordinances of the Village of Carsonville.
  2. The PROCEDURE in The Village of Carsonville when dealing with the Ordinance complaints shall be as follows:
    • All complaints of alleged violations of Village Ordinances are to be referred to the Village staff for proper recording of the complaint, in observance of this policy and adherence to time constraints therein. The staff member will then inform the complainant that a signed complaint form will be required and will be sent to them for completion and returned to the Clerk’s Office before complaint will be acted upon.
    • The person making the complaint shall identify himself or herself by providing their name, mailing address and phone number to the staff member. Should the caller or visitor fail to identify themselves as a Village of Carsonville resident or property owner, the staff member shall proceed no further with the complaint other than to record the visit or phone call as stated above.
    • Upon proper identification by the Complainant, an Ordinance Complaint Form shall be provided to the complainant via mail, fax or in person.
    • The form is to be filled out, SIGNED and returned to the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office will then make a determination of action upon the complaint as presented. By signing this complaint, the complainant agrees to being a witness at a Civil or Criminal Hearing in front of the District Magistrate, should the complaint proceed to that point in the legal process. The Complainant will be subpoenaed if necessary by the District Magistrate’s Office. Unsigned complaints will not be acted upon.
    • In order to gather a complete history of a formal complaint, any and all information/inquiries, received by the staff or Supervisors regarding a formal complaint, shall be referred/forwarded to the Clerk’s Office. All complaint information is to remain confidential UNTIL A HEARING BEFORE THE DISTRICT MAGISTRATE.
    • A designated representative of the Village of Carsonville shall make an investigation of the complaint.
    • In cases where a violation is found, an enforcement proceeding will commence or in cases where there is no violation that determination will be noted and no further action will be taken.

The Village of Carsonville’s concern is with the enforcement of this Ordinance, and that the Village will not proceed unless it believes there is a reasonable basis for an enforcement proceeding.

Enforcement proceedings will be as follows –

  • A formal letter informing the resident or property owner that there is a violation of a Zoning &/or General Village Ordinance to include a copy of the ordinance in violation, a proposed remedy and designated time period in which the violation is to be rectified.
  • If the violation is not rectified within the specified period of the original letter informing of  the violation a Civil Infraction Citation will be issued with the appropriate fine, and again a specified period in which the violation needs to be rectified.
  • If the violation is not rectified after the first Civil Infraction Citation issuance deadline a second Citation with a higher fine will be imposed with a new deadline for rectification.
  • Failure to rectify violation by the deadline of the second Citation and the Village will turn the issue over to the Attorney to begin Court action.